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My Top 5 Substitutes for Refined Sugar

My Top 5 Substitutes for Refined Sugar

Refined sugar is all around us and permeates everything. When you start to look at the refined sugar content in the foods that are available to us, we start to see why we consume so much. If you are trying to break up with refined sugar, then using natural substitutes are the way to go. It is not about eating clean all the time but it about eating as clean as you can and keep refined sugars at a minimum.

In this video, I take you into my imperfect pantry and we talk about my favorite refined sugar substitutes.

Top Picks

  1. Agave – Low glycemic index, about 60cal per serving but use sparing because it has a high fructose content. It is very sweet so in theory you can use less to get the desired effect.
  2. Honey – Contains some antioxidants, natural sweetener with 64 calories per tbsp. If you can source honey locally from the source then that is favorable.
  3. Sucanat – This is pure dried cane juice. The juice is extracted by mechanical processes, heated, and cooled, forming small brown grainy crystals.
  4. Coconut Sugar – Coconut sugar is a natural sugar made from the sap of the coconut plant. It is comparable to honey as a natural sweetener. It is debatable as to whether it has a low glycemic index. It is a great refined sugar substitute for baking.
  5. Maple Syrup – Natural sugar made from evaporating the sap of maple trees. You can make your own like this gentleman does here, but you may be able to source this locally if you live in the northern US or Canada. We are fortunate in Michigan to have several local sources and parks where we can witness maple sugaring in the spring. Be sure not to get maple flavored syrup at the grocery store but pure maple syrup instead.

Bonus: Stevia – a natural sweetener obtained from the stevia plant. It is a ZERO calorie sweetener. You want to make sure that you are getting pure stevia not the compounded version.

The Bottom Line: sugar in excess is just not good for our bodies. These substitutes for refined sugars are not all low calorie except for Stevia, which is zero calorie. Incorporate sugar sparingly in your diet for a healthy lifestyle.

Be strong. Be brave. Unleash your greatness!

Thanks for reading my blog post. I appreciate your time. If you found this helpful, please liberally share and comment below.

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