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Post Night Shift Sleep Tips

Post Night Shift Sleep

Post night shift sleep can be challenging. Biology and a day time functioning world can try to thwart efforts for getting great post night shift sleep. In previous blogs, I go into more detail about how the circadian rhythm and the light dark cycle play a role in getting sleep. How do you go up against biology and the environment?

There are ways in which post night shift sleep can be optimized.


Top Post Night Shift Sleep Tips:

  1. Amber tinted glasses – wear these shades on the way home if it is light outside to help your body filter out the light and get in gear for sleep.
  2. Wind down – give yourself 90 minutes to two hours to do this, spend some time with family, send the cherubs off to school, do some yoga poses (deaf man’s pose), meditate, drink some warm camomile or mint decaffeinated tea, listen to soothing music
  3.  Avoid caffeine. Drinking it can seriously interfere with your sleep schedule when you drink it less than three or four hours before you’re due to go to bed
  4. Take a shower. Sounds simple but taking a hot bath or shower can recreate a sunset-like temperature drop. This prepares your body for sleep.
  5. Use a sleep mask to block out light
  6. Block out curtains help to create a dark room for better sleep
  7. Make the room cool by turning down the temperature or using a fan
  8. Block out noise with earplugs
  9. White noise can be helpful to drown out noise that will interfere with sleep. White noise can be from a fan, a white noise mp3 or white noise machine)
  10. Limit your water intake before bed to prevent interrupted sleep for bathroom breaks

Be strong. Be brave. Unleash your greatness!

If you found these tips helpful, then share this blog and comment below. Thank you for reading.

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