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Why You Should Have A Side Hustle!

Why You Should Have A Side Hustle!

Yes, I am talking to you awesome one! You are special and you have an indelible mark to make on this world. You have talent, passion, and expertise to share. Perhaps you don’t yet realize this. Well, I am here to tell you that you do. Your talent, passion and expertise are your side hustle.

Steps to getting your side hustle off the ground

  1. Identify Your Talent. Take a good look at the things that you good at. Think about the things that people come to you for advise about. Think of problems that you have found solutions to. If it is not obvious to you, then ask friends and family what they see in you.
  2. Pick a Way to Share. Perhaps you plan to share your talent at a local craft show if you make things or put on a workshop at your local community center. Other options are social media via blogs, broadcasts, how to videos, or vlogs.
  3. Create an Outline and Plan. Use a whiteboard or piece of blank paper and just do a brain dump of all your ideas. Then use that to make an outline for how you will share your side hustle with the world.
  4. Create Your Brand. Now that have your idea and a basic outline, you can start to think about what your brand will be. This is the step where you look into creating how your brand’s image will be presented to the world. Look into branding courses and marketing courses. Talk to other side hustlers about the roadblocks they faced. NO need to repeat mistakes ;).

My ask of you is that you hone in on your special talent and start working on transforming it into your side hustle. Do it today!

Be strong. Be brave. Unleash your greatness!

Thanks for your time and attention reading this blog. Feel free to comment below and share.

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