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10 Awesome Books for Girls Aged 6-8 years

10 Awesome Books for Girls Aged 6-8 years


As a mom, my wish is for our girls to grow up confident, smart and empowered with the knowledge that they can change the world. Click To Tweet

I honestly believe that confidence is built not only on the words that we share daily but

also the media that they are exposed to. They are in a unique situation in that we have

control over what they experience due to the fact that they are homeschooled. I consider us

very blessed to be able to have this opportunity to build memories and cultivate good

habits in our cherubs.


The library is an amazing source of literature to cultivate the spirit of a mighty girl. We

frequently borrow books toward that end. It’s funny how you learn right along with your

cherubs when you start to seek out certain things. We have even noticed our speech

changing towards terms of empowerment when talking to our girls. As a result, they are

bold, brave and confident. Our seven year old does not believe that anything is impossible.

When she hears “no”, she sees it not as a stumbling block but as a challenge for her to be

more creative in her delivery. Now she is one that has been negotiating like a boss since

she was about 4 or 5 years old. To be honest, I look to her for pearls on how to be more

effective in that regard.

Besides the library and our awesome librarian, there is one website that has been our go to

for years –

So that brings us to the list of awesome books now, doesn’t it?

10.  Ada Twist Scientist by Andrea Beaty  

Ada is a clever young scientist that makes query and curiosity fun. She is a born scientist

that questions everything she encounters which makes her teacher’s didactic days

interesting. She goes through the scientific method to figure out what is the etiology of a

mysterious odor she encounters. All our cherubs love this book including our two mighty

girls and our son. He has learned to treat girls the same intellectually as boys from

participating in reading these awesome books. Andrea Beaty is a favorite author in our

house for sure.

9. Rosie Revere, Engineer by Andrea Beaty


Our girls really loved this one because we were able to read it then go on a field trip to

Willow Run airport where many Rosie the Riveters spent many long days keeping the

country afloat by building bombers while the men were off in the battle of World War II.

Rosie is an innovator and a visionary which our cherubs loved. She makes an invention

that initially doesn’t work but then quickly learns that failure is part of the creation

process. She learns a great lesson about being an innovator, inventor, creator and that is

that you just CANNOT quit.

8. The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch


Robert Munsch is another favorite in our house. His stories are fun, exciting and a

pleasure to read. This one is no different. Elizabeth is a beautiful princess who finds

herself saving her not-so-charming prince who gets captured by a dragon just as they are

about the marry. She declares herself as a mighty girl and it becomes clear that this prince

was no soulmate of hers. Whenever we read this one, our cherubs cheer her on as she

battles wits with the dragon.

7. Dancing in the Wings by Debbie Allen

We love, love, love this story. I have to be honest, every time I read it, I cry tears of joy as I

read the end of it. Sassy is the atypical ballerina, long-legged, and tall with large feet.

Despite being different she manages to come into her own and shine oh so brightly. I was

an awkward kid so I totally relate to this young lady. And as the mom of tall children, I

foresee they may be able to relate to Sassy’s situation. Great read!

6. Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo

This extraordinary story book tells the real life tales of strong girls and women in a way

that is sure to inspire any little girl. It features pieces on the like of Ava Lovelace, Alek

Wek, Cleopatra and Marie Curie. Our girls love hearing about the amazing women in this


5. Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls 2 by Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo

This one is hot off the presses! We were very excited to part of the kickstarter project that

funded the production of this book. When our books arrived, our cherubs were so excited

to see who would be featured in this one. Of course, it did not disappoint with a hit list of

amazing women like Florence Chadwick, Oprah Winfrey, Khoudia Diop, Celia Cruz and

Beatrice Vio. We love learning about women we had not previously known about.

4. I Love My Hair by Natasha Anastasia Tarpley

This book is a great book for building confidence and self love for our two girls with tightly

curled thick hair. It highlights the beauty and versatility of their hair and helps them

realize its uniqueness. They love to read it and to be honest it makes hair day much more

pleasant an experience.

3. Grace For President by Kelly DiPucchio

Grace is learning about the American electoral process and is made aware that the United

States has yet to have a female President. She decides to campaign for President in the

mock election at her school. This is a very fun way to introduce these civic concepts while

at the same time empowering little girls. This one was a winner in our house as well. There

is the added bonus of the author being from Michigan.

2. Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon by Patty Lovell

This book came to our house via the Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library which each of our

cherubs participated in since infancy. This program provided a book each month to add to

our library addressed directly to each child. Granted they aged out of the program when

they turned 5 but we got exposed to some really neat books of which this is one of them.

Molly Lou Melon is a mighty girl for sure in that is confident in her uniqueness and as a

consequence walks tall despite being jeered.

1. The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires

This is a story about a young girl who sets out the make the most magnificent thing with

her trusty assistant, her dog. She learns that there is beauty in trial and error are a creator.

She also learns that when it seems that what you are doing is not working, taking some

time away can often lead to inspiration and epiphany.

This one was especially loved by our tinkerer and resident maker seven year old daughter.

There could be a lot more than 10 on this list but these are some of our favorites. It is my

hope that you will share some of these stories and so many others like them with the

mighty girls in your life.


If you found this blog post helpful, please feel free to share it and comment below.


Be strong. Be brave. Unleash your greatness!




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