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4 Practical Tips to Stop Procrastinating

4 Practical Tips to Stop Procrastinating

Are you a procrastinator? Do you find yourself waiting to last minute to get projects done? Procrastinating could be stifling your greatness. Maybe you recognize that you have this habit but you have no idea how to correct it. Well you are not alone. As humans we tend to follow the laws of inertia and tend to want to stay static and comfortable.

4 Tips to Stop Procrastinating

  1. Make Lists. If you area of weakness is meal prep for yourself or your family, then on the weekend designate a day to sit down and choose the meals for the week and prep your shopping list accordingly. This time invested in forethought will save tremendous amounts of time in the week when perhaps precious moments are spent looking quizzically at the contents of the fridge or panty pondering what to put together for dinner. Make a list for the tasks you need to complete for your work projects. Put on there items that you need to accomplish each week. Small tasks ticked off a list not only confers a feeling of accomplishment but also bolsters your desire to keep putting your best foot forward on the work.
  2. Stop Trying To Be Perfect. We are all fallible humans and none of us are perfect. Therefore putting forward our best effort into what we do produces our best work. It will not be perfect and it becomes counterproductive to perseverate on making our production perfect. It often leads to frustration, abandonment and despondency which stifles your greatness like no other. So be all in, do your best work and walk away.
  3. Have Your Vision In Mind. For everything that we do as humans, we desire purpose. Purpose drives us in everything. In this same vein, having a vision gives us purpose. When we have purpose we are willing to do whether it takes to make things happen. If your vision is to get a promotion at work, then you have to acquire the skills needed for that next position. To acquire those skills will take doing small tasks daily until the new skills are automatic. So this may mean getting up an hour earlier to read about the area of skill or staying up an hour later at night to practice said skill. But the bottom line is that your vision will be the driver that keeps you consistent and going against the overwhelming inertia of being static.
  4. Just Do It. When you have a task on your list, don’t think about it, just do it. Suck it up and do it. This action may not be sexy or glamorous but it is necessary to get you closer to the realization of your vision and your greatness. When you get tasks done you earn your freedom. Freedom from anxiety and stress. Freedom from self doubt. Getting tasks done builds your confidence and credibility. This in turn will invigorate you with incredible energy.

So don’t get caught in the vertex of the law of physics where you are the object that stays at rest. Break the cycle and get moving. You have greatness within you. You have the power to effect change and make an impact on this world. Stop making procrastination stifle your success!

Be strong. Be brave. Unleash your greatness!

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