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5 Tips for Taking Your Cherubs on Long Road Trips

So we have three cherubs and we love to travel. Often times we travel by air but we also love a good road trip. We are also homeschoolers and we have started a tradition on our family of going to the annual homeschool trip to Disney with Traveling Homeschoolers. While on our way back from Florida, I was inspired to put this blog post together. Here goes….5 Tips that my hubby and I brainstormed from our experience.

1. Make a B line to your local library and max out each family member’s quota of DVDs

Treasure trove from the local library

Treasure trove from the local library

2. Go to Walmart and pick up a portable DVD player and headphones for said borrowed DVDs if your vehicle is not equipped with an entertainment system

Potty Breaks

Potty Breaks

3. If your trip is greater than 200 miles (which ours definitely was), then plan to hit up a rest stop or eatery where you can refuel your cherubs bodies as well as yours and take biology breaks.

4. Anecdotal data suggests that cherubs have bladders that reach maximum capacity at about 3 hours (or 200 miles) no matter what their cute little mouths say😀

5. While your cherubs are mesmerized by, I mean watching, their movies, you can enjoy downloaded audible books that you obtained either at your local library or from Amazon Audible.

We love sci-fi and Yancy novels got through several long hauls

We love sci-fi and Yancy novels got through several long hauls

So hopefully these tips were helpful. Comment below to share tips of your own that have worked for you when traveling long distances with your cherubs in tow.

Be strong. Be brave. Unleash your greatness!

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