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6 Tips to be more confident today!


“Oh no, I don’t want to be confident!” said no one ever.

We all have a desire deep down to be brave and confident. We know that by being confident, great things are given to us. When you are confident, those around you are attracted to you, trust you and listen to you. Now I am not saying that confidence is synonymous with arrogance because it is not. Good leaders are confident. They are willing to learn and grow. They understand that to lead effectively they have to serve those that they lead.

I am going to share with you 6 simple tips to help you be more confident immediately.

1. Understand your strengths and weaknesses

Having insight into what we are good at is important because these are skills and traits that will help us shine brightly. Recognizing our weaknesses allow for them to be honed and turned into strengths. Think about at least one strength and one weakness that you have and write it down. Make a plan to turn your weakness into a strength. Make a plan to use your strength to make the lives of those around you better.

2. Expect success

Mindset is huge. You have to have a mindset that believes that you can do it. If you enter a situation with the mindset that you will succeed, you are already far ahead of the game. A positive mindset can make all the difference.

3. Trust your capabilities

You have skills and knowledge that are uniquely you. What is that thing that you are passionate about? Surely you could talk about that thing and inspire others to try it. My son is very passionate about geography. His face lights up and his smile widens when he asked to talk about his love. You have a skill and a passion. Think about what that is for you and write it down.

Believe in yourself

4. Take risks

There is no reward without risk, is there? Even a small risk like saying hello to a total stranger can turn out to be an amazing experience. What if that person that sat next to you on the airplane was the keeper of the keys to a great opportunity for you? You would never know if you don’t take the risk of talking to them now would you? Risk taking does not have to dangerous to your person. Trying something new is taking a risk. That something new can be as simple as taking a class at the local home improvement store and going home and trying your new skill.

5. Learn to receive praise

When you are positive and confident, people around you will notice. They may even tell you that you are inspiring them. People who are confident and positive are great to work with so don’t be surprised if your boss comments that you are a pleasure to work with. Accept praise as a great side effect of your confidence and positivity.

6. Practice confidence

How do your do this? Simple ways to practice confidence include having good posture (put those shoulders back and hold your head up), smiling, and focus only being positive.


Check out the video that accompanies these tips at 6 Confidence Tips Car Chat

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