5 Day Busy Woman's Greatness Challenge

Be Strong. Be Brave. Unleash your greatness!

Give me 5 days to help you be great!

Do you realize how great you are?

Are you protecting time in your day for self care?

Are you aware of your greatness?

In this course, we will spend about 30 minutes together and together will put you on your path to greatness.

Each day we will explore how you can improve yourself and tap into your greatness.

Course breakdown:

* Video Lessons (5-10 minutes)
* Daily Greatness Activity (10-15 minutes)

Daily Lesson Topics

Day #1: Finding your 2%

Day #2: Set yourself up to win

Day #3: Elicit the help of your support team

Day #4: Think about your why

Day #5: Turn your failures into victories

Greatness Is A Lot of Small Things Done Well Daily!

5 Day Busy Woman's Greatness Challenge

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