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The night shift, why do people work it?

Why would anyone choose to work at night?

So there is definitely a specific type of person that chooses to work the night shift.

There are many reasons why one would choose to be a night shifter. Personally, I chose to work at night because I found that I am a nocturnal being, wanted control over my schedule and I really love the vibe of the night crew in the Emergency Department.

Here are 4 reasons why the night shift life fits:

  1. Differential. The night shift comes with a differential because the majority of the world would rather sleep at night instead of work. Given this fact, it is well understood that offering a differential is an incentive to get people to do the night shift and to keep them doing it. The differential can be monetary or a shift reduction.
  2. Not a morning person. There are definitely a subset of the population that prefers to not be up and at work at the crack of dawn and would much rather come in later.  Clearly there is must be something innate that drives us to be wide awake and highly functional at night.
  3. Family. Working nights affords parents to be able to attend evening events for their cherubs and to essentially be like a stay at home parent on off nights. Some have their family life set up where they provide childcare during day and work at night.
  4. Schedule Flexibility. Many night jobs allow for control over schedule. For me, I get to make my own schedule which is such a precious thing when you have three little cherubs. Also, working the night shift can sometimes be the only way to get in schooling. Whether you are homeschooling or getting a degree, this is the reality for some night shifters.

I have been a nocturnist Emergency Physician for the majority of my career. There is a team approach at night. It is great to see the team come together to take excellent care of patients.

Are night shifters actually vampires?

Night shifters are a tribe, a special breed but we have no fangs to brandish :).

Be strong. Be brave. Unleash your greatness!

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Charmaine Gregory

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