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Awkward Parenting #2: Mom, Why Is Your Belly So Swishy?

Awkward Parenting #2: Mom, Why Is Your Belly So Swishy?

No mom wants to hear this question. We are a unforgiving of ourselves breed, us moms. We can look in the mirror and see the flaws instead of the blessings. Children see us as flawless. They teach us to look at ourselves through their eyes and appreciate where we are currently.

So strong mommas, I shared my awkward moment with you because I want you to hold your head up, push your shoulders back, chin up and smile because you are incredibly blessed.

Three Great Things about You

  1. You Gave Birth to Other Humans. This is profound and an amazing miracle. It took months, lots of energy and love to create your human or humans ;). Your body has changed tremendously by each pregnancy.  This is a freakin’ amazing thing that you did! For some of us, we did it more than once! Some of us had smooth pregnancies while others may have had complicated ones. Either scenario led to the same outcome – – little humans here on Earth for their chance to shine.
  2. Love Your Badges of Honor. Some of us have stretch marks, swishy midsections, hernias. Others of us have scars from c-sections or other remnants as reminders of your pregnancies or pregnancies. As moms, we tend to see these as imperfections instead of the true badges of courage and honor that they really are. My daughter doesn’t care about my hernia or that my tummy is strong but still swishy. She loves me the same. Since our cherubs don’t love us less because of these marks of baby carriage then we should embrace them. Look in the mirror and say out loud, “I love my badge of honor!”.
  3. Focus On Making your Body Strong. Change your focus. For me, I will never have the flat sculpted abs I did before our cherubs partially due to an abdominal hernia. I will always have a little swish in the middle. Let’s focus on making our bodies stronger and more functional. This way, we will have more time and energy to chase after and interact with our little humans. Stronger bodies are also great examples for our cherubs. Instead of focusing on weight or rock hard abs or being skinny shift the focus on being healthy and strong. This is sending a positive message about body image to our cherubs and forces us to check our negative body image voice at the door :).

If you can relate to, enjoyed or are encouraged by this blog post, comment below and share it! Thanks for your time spent with me reading it.

Be strong. Be brave. Unleash your greatness!

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Charmaine Gregory

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