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Cheese Please

Cheese talk happens a lot in houses. Kids love cheese, foodies love cheese, families love cheese, but did you know that there are health benefits to eating cheese. In fact, your more common types of cheese might surprise you.

Cheddar Cheese
Cheddar cheese is linked to helping your teeth. Yes, your fantastic smile benefits. Research shows that cheddar cheese reduces the amount of acid in your mouth, which prevents tooth enamel erosion and increased saliva that weakens plaque buildup in your mouth.

Swiss Cheese
Swiss cheese is a firmer cheese, which means it has less lactose. This aids in you being able to enjoy the cheese without that bloating that often occurs.  Some people suffer from bloating when they consume dairy.

Mozzarella Cheese – The Part-Skim Kind
Part-skim Mozzarella cheese is a great pizza topping that helps you slim down and reach your fitness goals. This cheese is packed with protein and calcium, which increases fat burning.

Other Cheese Benefits

  • A source of Protein and Carbohydrates
  • High in B12
  • A source of Fat
  • Helps with Healthy Bones, your Heart Health, and Your Teeth
  • Aids in Stress reduction and Brain Function

Your cheese is more than just tasty. Your food has a bunch of benefits. Time to say Cheese!

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Charmaine Gregory

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