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Chocolate Milk Talk

Chocolate milk is a classic treat and for many a time to remember when we were young. Did you know that chocolate milk can actually bring some value to our workouts and the nutrition plans? This is a great source of protein. Many people are using chocolate milk post workout. Just like the milk commercial said “do the body good.” While you cannot just go chug all the chocolate milk you want and reach your goals, knowing when and how much to drink is key.

Being smart about how the milk is incorporated into your nutritional plan is important. The benefits may be just what you need. Most things in our society have both pros and cons. Chocolate milk does too! The pros and cons change for each individual based on their own particular goals. Be sure to do your homework based on what you are hoping to accomplish to see the best way chocolate milk can benefit you.


  • Excellent source of protein
  • Helps muscles recover faster
  • Refuels energy levels
  • Supports bone health
  • Contains specific nutrients lost through sweat
  • Promotes muscle growth


  • Higher level of sugar intake
  • Increased amount of calories
  • Higher levels of fat

Again, if your main goal is dropping pounds and seeing the largest loss on the scale, drinking chocolate milk post workout may not be what you want. While still valuable, it does not coincide with those goals. If you are bulking and building muscle mass and growth.

Try having a glass after an intense training session to aid in producing serious results. Also remember nutritional plans need limits and restraints. Just because you decide chocolate milk can help you post workout, it does not mean you should go overboard and have multiple glasses.

Always weight the pros and cons for yourself.

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