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Coconuts for the win!

Mason jar wit coconut milk next to grated coconut and dried coconut in the shell on a tan linen napkin

Coconuts, coconuts, coconuts!

Coconuts for the win! If you are from a place where coconuts grow or have visited such a place you are no doubt familiar with its lure. Thankfully, even if you don’t live in the tropics, there is still access to coconuts and coconut derived products. Let’s talk about coconuts and why they are the ringer for your nutritional win.

Coconuts are the fruit of the palm tree. They are not uncommon to people that live in Hawaii and Florida, but they have jumped on the health food lists everywhere. People are obsessed with using coconuts when they cook at home. There is excitement over being able to get coconut flour, coconut butter, coconut oil, and coconut vinegar.


Eating coconut meat is a healthy fat. Snack on coconut or use shredded coconut in your smoothies.

Coconut Flour

You can swap in coconut flour instead of wheat flour in your brownies, muffins, or other baked goods. Change up the flour or a slightly sweet flavor of coconut flour.

Coconut Butter

Coconut butter has the same kind of consistency as nut butter, but it is smooth as oil. Melt this on your baked sweet potato. You can buy coconut butter or DIY by using a high-speed blender with shredded unsweetened coconut for 10-15 minutes.

Coconut Vinegar

Marinades take on a new flavor with coconut vinegar. Salad dressings take on a sweet flavor, and you can use this with condiments and sauces. Some research shows that 1-2 tablespoons a day aid in digestion much like apple cider vinegar.

Coconuts are very healthy. The water is a great hydration source. The meat of the coconut is high in fiber. The oil is beneficial to your heart. Go ahead go coconut crazy. Click To Tweet What will you have first?

I spent the first ten years of my life living on the tropical island of Jamaica. Believe me when I tell you that coconuts were integrated into our lives. There is a vivid memory that stands out in my mind. On the way home from school, my mom would drive by the coconut vendor who pushed his homemade cart along the side of the road, whistling and sharing that he had fresh coconuts for sale. We would stop, peruse the bounty in his cart then carefully select a winner. The coconut man would then whip out his cutlass and skillfully cut a scoop from the skin of the coconut then cut the top to reveal a portal to the delicious coconut water that hid inside. We would drink the sweet juice of the coconut, savoring its refreshment on a hot day, then hand the empty coconut back to the vendor. He would then wield his cutlass yet again, this time to cut the coconut in half. It was then that I used the scoop he had previously crafted to indulge in the jelly-like flesh of the coconut. Great memories indeed!

What has your experience with coconut been like? Have you tried coconut flakes, coconut flour, coconut water or coconut milk?

Coconut products are fantastic to use if you have lactose intolerance or if you are vegan.

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Be strong. Be brave. Unleash your greatness!


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