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Eat more meals, just smaller ones


Who has ever been on a diet?

Who has ever been hangry due to being on a diet?

There is no need to torture yourself. There is a better way. What if I told you to eat more if you really want to lose weight and keep it off?

We have been wrongly conditioned to think that the word diet means starving yourself or severe withholding of pleasures to our palates. Our bodies are very superbly engineered to adapt to starvation. When we don’t eat, our bodies turn on backup systems for self preservation. Then when we do eat, our bodies are not sure when we will again and astutely stores energy as fat. By eating more frequently, small well balanced meals, we provide our bodies with the fuel that it needs and prevents the initiation of crisis mode.

Here is an infographic illustrating a possible example of how to fit in multiple meals over the course of the day. I know for me this was a major mind shift. But as you become more active, you will be hungry more frequently and it is important to fuel your body appropriately to maximize your hard work.

Small Meals: 5 Times A Day

From Visually.

How do I get started with portion control?

Over time it will become second nature to figure out portion sizes by using the palm of your hand and eyeballing food items. In the meantime, there is a color coded portion control system that accompanies several of the workout programs produced by Beachbody that is very easy to use.


You can get the complete portion control kit with a guidebook to get you started by clicking on Portion Fix

Still want more information?

Ask me about programs that incorporate this eating plan. I am happy to do a consultation to figure out which plan and program best suits your needs.

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