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When Failing is Not an Option!

When Failing is Not an Option!

You have heard me talk about pursuing your passion and channeling it into your side hustle. Well, sometimes when you are living the entrepreneur lifestyle, you hit bumps (or giant mountains) in the road to your breakthrough. That is why mindset is so crucial because when one is faced with such obstacles if you are not able to dig deep and rely on your why, then failure becomes the option.

Let me tell you that for me, failure is not an option! Now don’t get me wrong, there will be setbacks and learning experiences but ultimate failure is out of the question. For every testimony there is indeed a test or two or three ;). So when I had the glitch over the weekend, I had to definitely tap into my why and regroup.

Here Are Some Getting Over the Hump Tips:

  1. Remember Your Why. We all have different motivations for pursuing our passions. When you are talking about the up and down emotional roller coaster that is entrepreneurship then you need to have a reason to NOT throw in the towel. What is your WHY? My why look back at me everyday and are the cherubs that my hubby and I have been blessed with. I cannot give up because of them. No matter how tough things get, I cannot QUIT!
  2. Think Through the Problem. Every snag is a learning opportunity. While you are in the thick of the mire, this may not be apparent but if you take a bird’s eye view of the situation, you would see the lesson that it teaches. A lot of running your own business is trial and error. The art is taking those mistakes or missteps and converting them into a better enterprise. Take a moment to think about the problem devoid of emotional attachment and you will be surprised at what you will discover. The learning curve is steep when you run your own business but the rewards when you succeed are limitless.
  3. Put Yourself Out There. Now don’t get me wrong, it is okay to pontificate for a bit but don’t let setbacks paralyze from action. Pick yourself up, get back in the game and crush it! The more you get out there, fail and recover, is the more you will grow. Who doesn’t want a kick butt side hustle that embodies their passion?

So say it out loud. “Failure is NOT an OPTION!” Speak it into existence!

Be strong. Be brave. Unleash your greatness!

Thanks for your time and attention. I appreciate it. Share and comment liberally.

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