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Fitness Saved Me From Burnout!

Lunging in the home gym

How Fitness Saved Me From Burnout

Let’s me introduce myself to you, just in case you have not been following my journey. I am a wife to an amazing entrepreneurial scientist, mom to three vivacious cherubs and a full-time nocturnist Emergency physician. I am also a burnout survivor.

For some time, I have been reluctant to tell my story. It just seems like everyone is talking about burnout these days. The truth is that our experiences are unique and you may find a nugget in my story that can help you or someone you care about.

Walking out on burnout - One step at a time

An Invitation To Share

When Dr. John Jurica connected with me about being a guest on the Physician NonClinical Careers Podcast, I took him up on the offer.  He provided a platform for me to share more about my story beyond what I shared on The Doctor’s Life with Dr. Dianne Ansari-Winn.

Quite a bit has happened in the interim. I am honored to be a contributing author of the book, The Chronicles of Women in White Coats. So, it was incredible to be able to share how fitness saved me from burnout and promote the book project in this venue. There is also a breadcrumb for my next collaborative book project due to release later on this year.

Take A Listen To The Podcast Episode…

Here is the podcast episode for your listening pleasure:

Doctors Make Great Fitness and Health Coaches

Something amazing happens when you practice what you preach. As a physician, I felt more real sharing healthy habits with my patients when I was actually practicing them myself. When I started to pay attention to my own self-care and help others achieve their fitness goals, my exit out of the abyss of burnout was expedited. Click To Tweet

The confidence gained from coaching and paying attention to my self-care has led to many other opportunities within my medical specialty and outside of medicine. If you are interested in learning more about making an impact on the health and fitness of others, we should chat to see if we can collaborate.

Outward Focus & Pursuit of Passion

Ultimately, my advice to you is to pursue your passion. Even if you only have about twenty minutes a day to dedicate to it, it is worth it. There is something called the compound effect that exemplifies the idiom of drops in a bucket… Click To Tweet The key is to look back and have no regrets. Take a little time now to do what you love so tomorrow you can reap the benefits of a dream realized.

Be sure to share this blog post with someone who you know will benefit from it. Be sure to comment below. Thanks, I appreciate your support.

Be strong. Be brave. Unleash your greatness!



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Charmaine Gregory

I am a nocturnist Emergency Physician, wife, mom to three vivacious cherubs as well as a greatness and virtual fitness coach. I help busy women like myself reclaim their fitness and wellness mojo and unleash their greatness! Watch my story and get a complimentary health assessment here: My Story If you are like me and have picky eaters in your fold, join my Facebook group, Picky Eaters Strong Mom here: Picky Eater Strong Mom Facebook Group

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