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Let's Make 2018 Your Best Year!

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* Personalized goal setting session
* Fitness and Wellness plan for 1 year
* Nutrition plan for 1 year
* Automatic participation in monthly fitness accountability groups
* Bi-weekly check-in to promote success
* Personal cheerleader and fitness coach for 1 year
* Greatness coaching for 1 year

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This is Why This Program Is Different!

SMART goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. My VIP goal crushing program provides all the tools you need to crush your health and fitness goals in 2018.

My VIP program offers you the support and accountability you need to have amazing results. As a VIP client you get the benefit of personalized goal setting at the beginning of your journey, a game plan for fitness programs and nutrition for a full year, monthly accountability groups to ensure results, and me as your personal cheerleader and greatness coach!

  My VIP Program Basic Gym Membership
Personalized goal setting and coaching
Daily check-in accountability group
One Year fitness and nutrition plan
Personalized rewards for benchmark achievement
Shopping Lists to accompany nutrition plan
Easy to use portion control nutrition system
Greatness coaching
  $19/mo $30-50/mo

Disclaimer: This comparison is based on a basic general gym membership, so membership fees may vary.

If you already work with a personal trainer, my VIP program provides you with the tools to extend your fitness program beyond the days at the gym in addition to invaluable greatness training to excel in aspects of your life beyond fitness.

Goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely are goals that will be achieved.

As a greatness coach, my main goal is for you to win! If you unleash your greatness, then you win. If you win, then I win!

  • In order to achieve greatness in your fitness journey you have to set specific benchmarks and have an action plan to follow
  • Coaching is essential to the success of everyone from athletes to Fortune 500 CEOs
  • Coaching unleashes your greatness because you are pushed beyond your comfort zone so your growth potential is infinite
  • Accountability and support is another important key to goal crushing
  • What is your fitness and wellness goal?
  • Let’s devise a plan to crush it!


Join My VIP Program

Personalized game plan for 2018. One year of me as your greatness and fitness coach. Personalized nutrition and workout plan. Access to monthly fitness accountability groups with other goal crushers. Shopping lists to make meal planning easier. Personalized benchmark recognition from me. I promise to push you beyond your comfort zone. I promise that you will grow.

Be strong. Be brave. Unleash your greatness!

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What Actual Clients Have To Say!

"I lost over 30 pounds doing a three rounds of 21 Day Fix and came close to my goal of 40 pounds down by the time I traveled to the Amazon for a missionary trip last February..."

~ April F.

"I lost well over 50 pounds over the course of one year doing several rounds of 21 Day Fix and being very active taking the stairs and walking. Charmaine has been such an encouragement during this journey"

~ Joan L.

"I used T25 (2 rounds), Insanity, Insanity Max 30 (2 rounds), Hammer and Chisel, Body Beast,
22 Minute Hard Corps, Asylum, Bodypump, and now Core De Force. Through this journey I have fallen in love with working out and went from 214 pounds to my current weight of 162-165 pounds"

~ Shannon W.

Join My VIP Program

Encouragement. Goal setting. Goal crushing plan. Accountability. Shopping lists. Nutrition guides. Personalized fitness program. Greatness coaching. 12 months of support.

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