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Why You Need to Make a Summer Bucket List!

Why You Need to Make a Summer Bucket List!

If you are like me then summer is your favorite season.  It may be because I was born on a tropical island or just have an innate penchant for warm weather and sunny days. Regardless thinking of summer days and the adventures that they promise delights my heart. My family seems to have a penchant for summer as well. 😀

A couple of years ago while perusing the wonderful world of Pinterest, I came across a pin that featured a family that made a summer bucket list. And like so many pins that sound great at the time, I never got around to implementing this suggestion. This year though we are making our summer bucket list and hanging the poster in our family room so that we can find joy and excitement in checking items done off!

My Humble Suggestions for a Summer Bucket List

  1. Gather the Family. Make a date to gather around the table and brainstorm your summer adventures to add to your list. This is a great opportunity to think outside the box and perhaps discover some things you did not know about each other😉.
  2. At Home Fun. Depending on the age of your cherubs backyard fun can take on many forms. Bubbles are a hit for mine. Then there is the battle Royale water balloon fight that is downright EPIC! A couple of summers ago we set up the kiddie pool for rubber duck races, multiples sprinkler slip and slides and giant bubble making stations using hoola hoops and a soapy kiddie pool. This is a neat way to get creative and have fun with your family.
  3. Check out Local Events. Every community has a newsletter, Facebook page, blog that details all the local offerings from fairs to craft shows. Exploring your area in this way is lots of fun and each family member can choose a local event that interests them.
  4. Roadtrip. Day trips to parks and waterparks count as road trips😉. If you have not explored the wonders of your home state now is your chance. Perhaps choose a couple of sites to visit this summer. We are going to try to get to the Sleeping Bear Dunes.
  5. Museums and Zoos. Check out some unusual ones that might be in your backyard.   We are fortunate to have a few automobile museums, a natural history museum, a firehouse museum and an African American History museum near us. You might be surprised at what unique offerings your town may offer.
  6. Post the list in a visible place where the family can interact with it. This will build excitement and engagement.

Hopefully you will gather your tribe and put your summer bucket list together. We are working on ours.

Be strong. Be brave. Unleash your greatness!

Thank you for your time and attention. Please feel free to comment below and share this blog post.









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