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Night Shift Doctor Mom Greatness Series #6: Goal Crushing

Night Shift Doctor Mom Greatness Series

We talked about goal setting in the last blog, now it is time to chat about goal crushing. Hopefully, you have taken some time to reflect and evaluate, set long term and short term goals and utilize the S.M.A.R.T technique to come up with your goals. Now that you have where you are going laid out, let’s get to crushing them!

You are armed with the tools to be more confident, speak well in public, conquer public speaking nervousness, deal with difficult people and set powerful goals. These are essential building blocks to succor you as you get to goal crushing.

4 Tips For Goal Crushing

  1. Easy Goals First. This is where breaking down your big goals into incremental steps will be crucial. Tackle those easy goals first in order to get the easy win. Reaching for the proverbial low laying fruit will serve not only build your confidence but also spur you on to pursue the path to your greater goal. Realize that the same grit and discipline that it took to pursue the easy goal can be extrapolated to your larger goals.
  2. Don’t Quit. The road will get bumpy but you have to keep your eyes on the prize and press on toward the target. When we are learning to walk as infants and toddlers we did not just give up on walking after the first or second or even third time we fell. We got back up time and time again until our balance and coordination systems got to a point where walking was automatic. The crazy thing about quitting is you always feel like you want to when you are closest to a breakthrough. So when you fail or fall down, just remember why you started and where you are headed then dust yourself off and get back in the game. There are goals to be crushed, remember?!
  3. Be Prepared to Sacrifice. In order to crush your goals, there will need to be sacrifice. This could be time on social media, watching television, or even sleep. If you are working full time and going to school to reach to goal of getting another degree or certification for a business pursuit or career advancement, then you may spend late nights doing homework instead of watching television or socializing. Everyone’s sacrifice will differ but there is no question that in or to crush your goals there will need to be some form of sacrifice.
  4. Lean On Your Support Team. One of the keys for goal crushing is accountability. This can come in many forms. Perhaps your accountability is found through posting your progress on social media if you are on a fitness journey. You may have a group or an individual that you rely on for your accountability. As humans we tend to not to want to let other down when we know that they are depending on us. So the ultimate in accountability for you may come in the form of leading a group of others with similar goals. As a leader, you will push harder to set an excellent example for your group. So don’t be afraid to lean in on your support team in order to crush your goals!

These are some practical tips to help you go out there and crush your goals! So let’s get to crushing!

Be strong. Be brave. Unleash your greatness!

Thank you for your time in reading this blog post. If you found it helpful, share it and leave a comment below.

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