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Night Shift Doctor Mom Stories #2: When the Doctor Faints…

Night Shift Doctor Mom Stories #2: When the Doctor Faints…

Medicine can be an unforgiving drill Sergeant. We are trained to work through physical challenges and perform our jobs despite how our own bodies are doing.

The doctor cannot be sick.

That is the fallacy that we as physicians carry deep within us as we go into to work each day and serve our patients.

The crazy part about this is that during residency training, we are taught to show up no matter what. We are taught to perform no matter what. This same mentality and dictum carries over to our careers and we find ourselves pressing on despite what our bodies tell us.

I can think of examples of doctors who ignored the signs and symptoms of their disease and instead proceeded to do the work until they bodies ultimately cried out or shut down.

My drawn straw is long but in my short fifteen year tenure in the house of medicine I can readily think of three occasions when I pressed through my ails of my body to serve my patients.


  1. Working while in labor
  2. Vomiting, medicating and getting back to work
  3. Near syncopated while doing a procedure

No matter what career path we choose, it is important to realize that we are all human and if we are not in top form physically it will eventually be impossible to perform at our best.

Often times we feel like it is a sign of weakness to listen to our bodies and take a moment to rest or regroup. Dare I say that it is also okay to take a day off when sick. Of course, I am talking to myself as well.

The proverb that says “an empty cup cannot fill others” speaks truth to the necessity of self care being paramount to being able to serve others.

Is your cup full?

Be Strong. Be brave. Unleash your greatness!

Thank you for reading this blog post. It is my hope that you found value in it. If you did or you can think of someone else who can, please share it and comment below.

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