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Night Shift Doctor Mom Greatness Series #2: Tips For Public Speaking

Night Shift Doctor Mom Tips For Public Speaking

I am the only one whose heart seems to go at a rapid pace and whose hands get sweaty every single time I have to give a talk in public? I used to think that it was fear that drove my sympathetic system into overdrive when I had to get up in front of others and share my thoughts. Can you relate to this?

According to Brian Tracy, a well known business motivational speaker and author of Eat That Frog!, we humans fear speaking in public right up there with our own demise. That is pretty intense wouldn’t you say? The good news is that we can turn that fear into fuel for a well put together presentation.

That leads me to the tips for success with public speaking that I have for you today.

Tips For Better Public Speaking

  1. Practice and Prepare. When you talk or speech is part of your unconscious because you have rehearsed it over and over, you are apt to feel just a bit more confident and less nervous. Practicing your speech in front of a mirror does wonders for your awareness of your non verbal queues that are naturally yours as you speak. Recording your voice and listening to the playback and observing your voice inflections and filler usage is very helpful in polishing your presentation.
  2. Passionate Speech. Choose a topic that you are passionate about. When you speak from the heart, your words hit home and the hearts of your audience. Plus it is that much easier to speak with emotion and courage when you care about the topic. Connect with your audience with stories if they are applicable to your topic. As humans, we relate better to stories and the information you are relaying becomes indelible when you use them.
  3. Use Your Nervousness as an Impetus. Think of your nervousness as potential energy. You have a reserve of energy that is building up inside as your palms get sweaty and you heart beats out of your chest. You also have the power to transform that energy into kinetic energy and as a result provide a dynamic talk to your audience. When you are prepared and armed with an abundance of converted energy, your interaction with your audience will be enjoyable for you and impactful for them.
  4. Speak to a Friendly Face. We aren’t nervous when we are speaking to friends. We are more relaxed and comfortable. Find a friend in the audience upon whose face you find solstice. The smile or approving nod from a friend can make all the difference in your comfort in front of a crowd. You will speak more slowly and your ideas will be conveyed well. If you don’t have a friendly face in the crowd naturally, don’t be afraid to plant one ;).

These are just four tips to aid in being a better public speaker. There are numerous others to hone this skill. If you start with these, you will be in good shape. The first tip is perhaps the most important, practice, practice, practice and prepare.

Hopefully, this blog is helpful to you and you are one step closer to moving your life’s small mountains. If you found this helpful, please share and comment below.

Be strong. Be brave. Unleash your greatness!

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