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Night Shift Mom Tips – Ask for Help

Night Shift Mom Ask For Help

Are you a mom who works the night shift? Do you feel like you are juggling a bunch of things at once? If you answered yes to any of these questions then I know exactly how you feel. As a wife, mom, and night shift Emergency Physician there are many times when I feel like I need to be able to do it all. After all, we women are supposed to be able to do it all right?

The Supermom Does Not Exist

We are far from being superhuman. We are partnered with people in our lives so that we don’t have to go it alone. If you don’t have a spouse you likely have family or good friends that are part of your support system. Tap into your support system and ask for help.

Help can come in various forms. It may be as simple as watching the cherubs while you meditate, read a chapter or exercise. Your support team can be your spouse, your friends, your parents, your relatives, or even a neighbor.

It is important for you to sit down with your team and lay out your week and your plan for your time for self care. Talk and strategize about how your team can help you to get in your self care. Help them to see that if you have this time protected, you will be happier, more energized, and more able to be present for them. Getting buy in is crucial for success in getting the help that you need.

Solidifying your plan with your support team also provides a level of accountability that sets you up for success.

So, hopefully you have team members in mind to make a game plan with. Go ahead and call them up and make arrangements for a sit down time to get this plan set up so you can be set up to win.

If you found this blog post helpful please comment below and share. Thank you for your time.

Be strong. Be brave. Unleash your greatness!

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Charmaine Gregory

I am a nocturnist Emergency Physician, wife, mom to three vivacious cherubs as well as a greatness and virtual fitness coach. I help busy women like myself reclaim their fitness and wellness mojo and unleash their greatness! Watch my story and get a complimentary health assessment here: My Story If you are like me and have picky eaters in your fold, join my Facebook group, Picky Eaters Strong Mom here: Picky Eater Strong Mom Facebook Group

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