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Night Shift Mom Tips: Finding Time For You

Night Shift Mom How to Find Time For You

Are you a busy mom who works nights? Are you a busy working mom? Are you a busy mom? If you answered yes to any of these then this is dedicated to you. When we are busy and taking care of everyone else, we tend to not take care of ourselves.

When we don’t take time for self care, we rob ourselves of the ability to be great. When your self care is made a priority, then you are more confident, have more energy, and are able to serve those around you more effectively.

Thirty minutes is essentially 2% of the 24 hours in each day. This is the time that we need to reclaim and make sacred as busy night shift moms.

3 Tips For Carving Out Your 2%

  1. Capture time around sleep.  So there are a few options for taking back time. One option is on the nights when you are not working, waking up 30 minutes earlier than usual and getting in your self care time. Another option is to get it in as soon as you get home from your shift before going to bed. Yet another option is to wake up 30 minutes earlier from your nap to fit in your 2%.
  2. Limit time on social media. If we look at the amount of time we spend on social media we would realize that there are 30 minutes to be had there for sure. Taking back that time will have huge long term benefits. It may be helpful to set a timer on your perusal of all things social media :).
  3. Schedule Me time. Sit down on one day in the week or weekend and literally write done the time in your day that you plan to claim. If you use a written calendar, make sure you post in your home where your family can see it. This way they know that you have your meeting time. The other option is putting it on your electronic calendar that is shared with your spouse and family.

Hopefully these tips will give you inspiration to figure out how you can claim your 2% for your self care. If you found this blog helpful, please comment below and share it.

Thank you for your time and attention.

Be strong. Be brave. Unleash your greatness!

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Charmaine Gregory

I am a nocturnist Emergency Physician, wife, mom to three vivacious cherubs as well as a greatness and virtual fitness coach. I help busy women like myself reclaim their fitness and wellness mojo and unleash their greatness! Watch my story and get a complimentary health assessment here: My Story If you are like me and have picky eaters in your fold, join my Facebook group, Picky Eaters Strong Mom here: Picky Eater Strong Mom Facebook Group

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