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Plate Some More Power Foods

How about another round of power foods to put on your plate to help you with your health and fitness journey? More good stuff that will satisfy your hunger and benefit your body. That’s right three foods that you may not be eating that could make a difference and may help you with your goals.

Beef Steak and Spinach
Having a steak and some leafy green spinach is an excellent way to pack an iron punch into your day. Get creative with your cooking and include this for an added workout benefit. All too often women are not getting in enough iron.  Some breakfast cereals are also fortified to help with this mineral deficit.


Eggs and Spinach
Instead of frying or scrambling an egg alone, add some spinach and get that bonus nutrient here too. The whole nutritional value increases.  There are many ways to make eggs with spinach so search online for some good ones for your family.

Whey-Protein Shake
Active in fitness with weights? When you lift your body needs repair. To speed up recovery and make you stronger using a protein source with whey aides this phase. Use a scoop after your workout with milk or nut milk and combine it with fruit.

If you are vegan or vegetarian there are plant-based protein options that would benefit you.

Grilled Salmon
Salmon is full of omega-3 fatty acids and that helps prevent inflammation and also tastes great. This means that you could have the benefit of less muscle pain after a good workout and this meal. Salmon is also listed as a heart-healthy food and is on the mind diet. Pair the salmon with spinach for some added bonus nutrients!

Mixing in these foods can expand your menus and benefit your goal of getting closer to a smaller size! Find ways to combine these flavors. Why not try something you have not had?

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Charmaine Gregory

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