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Episode 198: Beliefs Change Perception Altering Opportunities, Possibilities, and Relationships: Lion Goodman

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Lion Goodman’s work focuses on consciousness and consciousness change. He studied neurology, psychology, and different forms of physical/psychological healing. He also studied history, philosophy, dance, and music. In order to understand himself first, he took over 100 workshops and trainings!

He uses his personally-proven successful methods in his coach/therapist/healer training program, the Clear Beliefs Coach Training, with over 600 graduates across the world.

And what prompted Lion to move in this direction in his life? At the age of 26, Lion was shot in the head four times. This near-death experience kick-started his five decades of research into the nature of consciousness, developmental psychology, spirituality, and healing.

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Guest Bio:
Lion Goodman has been called a belief therapist, a subconscious pattern detective, and a healer of the psyche. He helps people heal core wounds from childhood and delete old programming from their subconscious mind. This clears away limitations, resistance, and blocks that interfere with creating the life you want, whether in relationships, finances, health, wealth, work, or family.

He is Professional Therapeutic Coach, and he trains other coaches, therapists, and healers to use his method through the Clear Beliefs Coach Training. He works with individuals, organizations, and executives who want to free themselves and their employees to perform at their best.
His work has been featured in many organizations and platforms including The Shift Network, Mindvalley, Lifebook, Choice Magazine, Coaching Perspectives, Your Tango, and The Good Men Project.

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