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Episode 203: Turning Chronic Pain into Power: Barby Ingle

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Barby was born in Bangkok, Thailand and now resides in Arizona. She says she has been a chronic pain patient for over 20 years. Her way through this battle involved her becoming the Chief of Staff of her own medical team.

It took her 3 years to get a diagnosis of what was going on with her, and then another 4 years to get on the right treatment.

Barby shares a lot of great resources for chronic pain conditions as well as dives into her journey in more detail. She has written several books, mentors patients as a volunteer, and sits on the board of directors for She’s come a long way from being bedridden and in a wheelchair!

Learn more about Barby here:

Guest Bio:
Barby Ingle is a best-selling author and reality personality living with multiple rare and chronic diseases.

Barby is a chronic pain educator, patient advocate, and president of the International Pain Foundation. She is also a motivational speaker and best-selling author on pain topics.

Her blog, reality shows, and media appearances are used as a platform to help her become a Patient advocate.

She presents at healthcare conferences, speaking publicly, sharing her story, and educating and advocating for patients across the globe. She has received more than 25 awards for her advocacy efforts.

Barby currently serves as the reigning Mrs. Southwest Petite USA.

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