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Episode 241 : How to be Present in Your Own Life and Not Just a Bystander: Colton Hall

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Meet Colton Hall, a pharmacist turned deep transformational coach. Colton’s life story is a testament to resilience, self-discovery, and the transformative power of change.

His professional journey started in the world of pharmacy, but life had a different path in mind. Discover how his life experiences led him from dispensing medications to becoming a guiding light for personal transformation.

Colton’s life wasn’t always smooth sailing. We explore his remarkable transition from a life marred by suffering, heavy habits, and anxiety dependency to his awakening moment that set him on a path of self-healing and growth. He shares the pivotal moments and realizations that propelled him toward embracing his own self-healing journey and finding his life’s true purpose.

His journey wasn’t just about overcoming personal challenges. We delve into how his experiences uniquely equip him to guide others on their healing, self-actualization, and self-mastery journeys.

Join us in this episode as we uncover the layers of Colton Hall’s transformation, and gain insights into how you too can embark on a path of healing, self-actualization, and self-mastery. Tune in for an episode filled with inspiration, empowerment, and the remarkable capacity of the human spirit to evolve.

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Guest Bio: Colton Hall is a pharmacist by degree, and a deep transformational coach as a result of his life experience. After a lifetime of suffering, heavy drinking and smoking daily for 18 years, severe debilitating anxiety dependent on medications for a decade; he finally woke up and went on the inward self-healing journey and started doing the real work. Colton has been completely free from all of those bad habits, anxiety, and medications for well over 5 years now. His purpose is to help others at the highest level with their own journey of healing, self-actualization, and self-mastery.

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