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How A Podcast Episode Changed My Life

A couple years ago, I listened to a podcast where Charmaine Gregory was a guest. I absolutely loved her interview and reached out to her on social media. She was super friendly and gracious.

I followed her over the years and watched her flourish into a motivational speaker, podcaster (Fearless Freedom with Dr. G), author and coach (Fervently Fit with Charmaine).

At just the right time, she started Professional Women’s Podcasting Launch Course (now the Podcasting Launch Course for Professionals), and I registered. I had thought about podcasting for years but was overwhelmed at the idea. (It took me 2 months to take my microphone out of the box.)

Over the past couple months working with Dr. G, I have gone from a listener to a full-blown podcaster, complete with my own brand that I am proud to promote. I am living out my purpose and passion, all because I was willing to listen to someone speak on theirs. She has supported me and promoted in a way that I never expected. So, check her out and subscribe to her phenomenal podcast. And if you are interested in starting a podcast, connect with her. I am so glad I did! 🌺❤️🌺