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Punch Fear in the Face: 3 Practical Tips for Growth

Punch Fear in the Face: 3 Practical Tips for Growth

Have you ever been in a situation where you are asked to do something that is outside your comfort zone? Are you immediately fearful? Is it that you are afraid that is you say yes and push forward you will fail? This is a real phenomenon and one that can block us from experiencing our true greatness. As long as something that you are asked to do does not pose an immediate physical danger to you, it will benefit you to swallow hard and go for it!

3 Practical Tips For Growth

  1. Stop and Think. Simple, right? When you have a visceral response to something non physically dangerous to you, it often means that it is something that is not in your comfort zone. We all know that we tend as humans to go the path of least resistance and tend toward the familiar. So when you get that pit in your stomach, just stop and think about how this action could benefit you, your family, your career, and those around you. Try to rise above the situation and take a birds’ eye view. This will calm that natural sympathetic response of the increased heart rate, sweaty palms and deep desire to flee.
  2. Make a Plan. So what would happen if you say “Yes”? The thought experiment of envisioning the ensuing events after making the decision to move forward will stimulate thoughts about a plan of action. Making a plan allows you to prepare to succeed. This might take the form of who will be your mentor, what courses will you need to take to raise your qualifications, or what will your schedule look like if you go forward with this opportunity. Having a plan is essential for success. Plans should be flexible and malleable as you grow into the opportunity you will gain insight into how to do things differently than when you were on the over side of the decision to go forward.
  3. Embrace Growth. You have a strength of character that is untapped. If you look for growth opportunities, you will find more and more situations where you can grow. The next time you are asked to do something that you think that you are not ready for, qualified for, etc, instead of turning away, step forward and allow yourself to be pushed. At the moment that you are offered the chance, you may think that you are being unduly tapped. You are being tapped because you have the potential for tremendous growth. Embrace that! You are capable of so much more than you know!

This is something that I am personally working on. Leaning in and embracing growth is rewarding in so many ways.

Be strong. Be brave. Unleash your greatness!

If you found this blog post helpful or you know someone that can benefit from, please feel free to share it! Comment below if you had a breakthrough by punching fear in the face or you found the blog post interesting.

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