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Top 5 Perks of Working the Night Shift

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We have talked about the rationale for working night shift, the biology of food choices, the optimization of sleep, and how to stay fit while working nights. So are you convinced to work night yet?

It is okay if you are not. In reality, the night shift is really not for everyone. There is a certain vibe and innate traits to the night shift tribe.

5 Perks of Working Night Shift

  1. No traffic. When you work nights you have a certain amount of traffic on the road that you become accustomed to – NONE. So when you happen to pick up an evening or afternoon shift, you freak out because there are cars in front of you 🙂
  2. Early morning shopping. The schedule for the local grocery and produce stores are indelible in the brains of night shift workers. Why? Because knowing if you can do your shopping right after leaving work because the store is open 24 hours or opens at 7am is HUGE! When else can you get shopping done without the cherubs?
  3. Rolling into bed. Yes. You read correctly. When you work when everyone is sleeping you get to jump under those covers in your cool dark room when everyone is getting up and headed in traffic to get to work.
  4. Daytime errands get done. When working a string of nights my routine is pretty set. Work, home, workout, mommy taxi service to our cherubs’ activities, bed time prep for the cherubs, anchor sleep, then work. When  my string is over, I can do my daytime errands and not have to worry about having to take time off of work.
  5. Productivity. The night shift has a way of honing your focus because there are often less personnel than in the daytime, the job has to get done effectively and efficiently. Before going in to a shift, I find that I am able to be more productive at home or with my family because I know that I have to go into work while they sleep :). Sometimes the night shift affords a set schedule or the ability to craft your own schedule. This is great because then planning life and life events becomes much, much easier.

Be strong. Be brave. Unleash your greatness!

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Charmaine Gregory

I am a nocturnist Emergency Physician, wife, mom to three vivacious cherubs as well as a greatness and virtual fitness coach. I help busy women like myself reclaim their fitness and wellness mojo and unleash their greatness! Watch my story and get a complimentary health assessment here: My Story If you are like me and have picky eaters in your fold, join my Facebook group, Picky Eaters Strong Mom here: Picky Eater Strong Mom Facebook Group

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