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Working Mom Life Tips #1: Outsourcing Meal Planning

Working Mom Life Tip: Outsourcing Meal Planning

Are you busy? Do you rush home from work and then stop in front of the refrigerator stalled because you have no idea what to make for dinner? So part of being a great steward of your time is knowing when outsourcing will save you time. Outsourcing can take many forms and can be done on varying scales. The bottomline is that by outsourcing things that occupy time that you could use to spend with your family is well worth it and pays forward to your wellness.

Why Meal Plan to Start?

I learned not too long ago that meal planning saves time and allows for the family to eat well while diminishing the amount of time spent eating out. The problem is that this is not my strong point. I know that it makes life easier during the week when things get busy but often I would sit down on the weekend and not know what to put on the planner, despite laying out all my cookbooks, saved Pinterest boards and online recipe pages.  This is especially tricky when I am following the suggested meal plan for the current workout program I am following. The thing is that my family is never on the same eating plan as I am and it gets painful to prepare different food for a family of five. If you are organized and take a day on the weekend to plan out your meals for the week the time spent doing so is well worth it. If you are really organized, then you will put your week’s meal plan in a central location for the family to see. Meal planning flat out saves time, aggravation (your cherubs constantly asking what is for dinner) and money (you only end up getting what you need for the week when you go shopping).

My Experience with Meal Planning Outsourcing

I have good friends that are THAT organized and I am in awe of their skill. Alas, for me I needed help in the worst way. Enter a meal planning service. We looked a a few and decided to try one called Home Chef. BEST THING EVER.

Let’s just say that I don’t work for the company but I am a big fan. Every Friday we get a box at our door with the supplies and recipe cards for the next week. All the ingredients are included except for some basic staples like black pepper and olive oil. This is awesome for me because I don’t end up with a bunch of ingredients that I will only use for a particular recipe.

So there have been some unintended outcomes from our choice to use a meal planning service. First, my husband and I feel much more confident in the kitchen and trying new cooking techniques. This is HUGE for me! Second, the cherubs have started eating more veggies and have expanded their palate to include more foods. Now they ask if the meals we prepare are mommy meals, daddy meals or Home Chef meals. Hilarious! Lastly, I love being in the kitchen cooking now because of the new skills I am learning and the delicious products that is produced each time.

So, for us it well worth outsourcing meal planning with this particular service. If you can do a service like this, look into it, you will be glad that you did.

In the video, I was getting ready to prepare Crispy Fried Onion Crusted Chicken for dinner. Yum! If you decide to try this service, you can save $30 on your first delivery.

If this blog post helped you, share it and comment below. Thanks for taking the time to read it.

Be strong. Be brave. Unleash your greatness!


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