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Working Mom Life Tips #6: Be Unapologetically You!

Working Mom Life Tips

Do you compare yourself to other women? Do you secretly wonder how the blogger you follow gets to have the perfect life? How come when I gave birth to three individuals, my tummy did not get back as flat as the latest starlet who also has give birth last week?

We are all guilty of doing this. Often times we undermine our own greatness by doing this. The part of the picture that we neglect to see is the back story behind every accomplishment. Everyone has their own unique journey and their own story. For my vocation, I had to make numerous sacrifices in other to be an Emergency Physician. There are still loans to be repaid despite paying on them for over a decade now. For my wellness, despite ups and downs, successes and failures over the last two years, daily decisions affect this aspect of my life. The transformation is a slow and steady one. Strength takes time to build. Someone not knowing my back story my look at my life and think that it was easy to be here.

As moms, professional women, we need to stop comparing ourselves to others who are not us. It is just like comparing apples to oranges. Unless the person you are comparing yourself to has the exact same opportunities available to them, the exact same background and the exact same back story as you then the comparison is wasted time. So since you are unique and your story is unique it fits that the only person that you need to compare you to is YOU.

Here’s the deal. Every single one of us has something special to contribute. Every single one of us is strong and brave. Stop listening to the negative voice that is undermining your greatness by allowing you to compare yourself to others. You need to start being unapologetically YOU! Why? Because you should set the bar high for yourself and then compete against yourself to crush it!


  1. Stop comparing yourself to others strong momma!
  2. Set a bar high for you to overcome
  3. Compete with the old you to make the new and future you absolutely awesome!

So go have that look in the mirror and have a heart to heart talk with your amazing you.

Thanks for reading this blog post. I appreciate you spending some time with me. If you found helpful or inspiring share it and comment below.

Be strong. Be brave. Unleash your greatness!

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Charmaine Gregory

I am a nocturnist Emergency Physician, wife, mom to three vivacious cherubs as well as a greatness and virtual fitness coach. I help busy women like myself reclaim their fitness and wellness mojo and unleash their greatness! Watch my story and get a complimentary health assessment here: My Story If you are like me and have picky eaters in your fold, join my Facebook group, Picky Eaters Strong Mom here: Picky Eater Strong Mom Facebook Group

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